venerdì 13 agosto 2010


I remember,it was like 6 or 7 months ago,it was one of the latest time I saw my sister (she's ok,I just move in another country),I was looking a Fashion Magazine(as usual),I was blocking on an advertisment page...
She looks at me and said :-The model's wearing nice pant!
My answer was:-Not so nice,what're you looking on this advertise?
She:- Oh,I look the pant and how is Photoshopped the model,why?what're you looking on this advertise?
Me smiling:- I have a professional deformation,I look which kind of style's this pant(straight,wide,baggy,high-waist...),which kind of pocket,which kind of button,look...take a look on the Belt you see it?Its turned...
She:- Ah,I don't look like this...

I study everything,and I take a look on everything...It's me!

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