sabato 4 settembre 2010

The EyeWriter | Creative Device For Paralyzed Artists

The power of the mind is a curious one, and for those suffering from neuromuscular diseases and paralysis caused by stroke, ALS or other sustained injuries, the mind is often the only way to feel alive and in control despite waning physical abilities. We have all heard tales of paralyzed or partially paralyzed artists and creative minds who continue to produce provocative work with toes or limited physical capabilities as best as they can. To empower the lives of paralyzed artists and creative minds, The EyeWriter is a low-cost device which includes a DIY hardware and free software that allows artists to draw with their eyes. The EyeWriter has been created by GRL and the FAT Lab in collaboration with graffiti writer and ALS sufferer, Tempt One.

The EyeWriter is currently a contender on the Pepsi Refresh Project, where votes can be cast by the public to fund good ideas that will change the world. For The EyeWriter, the project is seeking for funds to empower 1,000 paralyzed and sustaining related costs. Please check out the inspiration video of Tempt One using the first prototype of The EyeWriter, and vote to celebrate the tenacity of the creative mind in face of adversity online at Pepsi Refresh.

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